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Having enjoyed a breathlessly successful 2015, there can be no doubting DJR position as one of the most influential electronic artists of the moment. Continues to transition rapidly from the techno underground.

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Upcoming Dates

October, 2022

The London Taphouse

Join us as we journey into the heart of London’s music scene with the one and only DJR.

October, 2022

Bubble Charlotte

Finally! A three-day music gateway unlike anything that’s come before at Charlotte.

October, 2022

Boiler Room Philadelphia

Make way for one of Boiler Room’s biggest and greatest dates in the 2017 calendar.


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DJR knows how to move your mind, body and soul by delivering tracks that stand out from the norm. As if this impressive succession of high impact, floor-filling bombs wasn’t enough to sustain.


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Persuading youth through music
Persuading youth through music

Music and dance are considered to be the soul of any kind of celebration. While live music is something most people love, recorded sounds are presently gaining worldwide regard. The art of Deejaying is more than just being about blaring speakers or cueing tracks: is a complete skilled emotion. “Deejaying is a passion and art – something a significant number…

DJ Ryan Nogar keeps the Goan party culture alive and kicking
DJ Ryan Nogar keeps the Goan party culture alive and kicking

Whether it be Commercial, Hip Hop, RnB, varied versions of House, Progressive, EDM and Retro & Bollywood, DJ Ryan always comes up with a fresh stance on modern dance music. Remember the last time you walked into a large nightclub in Goa? The crowd was swirling, people smiling, dancing – all thanks to that one person controlling the mood in…

The Versatility of Goa’s DJ Ryan Nogar
The Versatility of Goa’s DJ Ryan Nogar

The technical and creative song selection side of DJing does take a while to master. However, with the advancement in technology and a wide variety of music available to DJ’s at their fingertips, the process has become easier over the years. Ryan Nogar, one of Goa’s prominent faces in the nightlife industry has spent the past 18 years entertaining people…